Wednesday, August 03, 2005

IL Legislature drops another one

From the Galesburg Register-Mail OnlineMerit Scholars get no money
Funding for scholarship program cut by state Legislature

"The Merit Recognition Scholarship Program awarded $1,000 grants to students who graduated in the top of their high school classes. The program was eliminated from the state budget signed into law last month after a recommendation from the Illinois Student Assistance Commission, which oversees the program. The commission suggested directing more money toward need-based, instead of performance-based, scholarships."

Hmmm... to give strictly on the basis of having less money, rather than for actually earning a reward. Why should I study harder, if my parents already earn too much for me to get a scholarship? I might as well be a slacker, become a spoiled, middle-class suburbanite like the rest of 'em. What a great way to encourage mediocrity! Ahhhh, the joys of unbridled socialism!

The Regiser-Mail article mentions a couple of local kids who were expecting to use their scholarships to pay for books and supplies, and will now face some hardships as a result of the denial of those funds.

I wonder if there is any private office or industry which would take up the slack where the state lay down and slept?

In my heart of hearts, private, regional funding would be the ideal, and the taxpayers' burden would be eased, then, as well
(of course, knowing the way the IL gov't works, they'd continue to reassign funds to bail out corrupt Chicago works, such as the CTA, and the burden will grow anyway).

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