Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Hot diggety dog! The Wienermobile is coming to town!

The Galesburg Register-Mail says that the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile will visit Monmouth, this Friday, as part of our 8th Annual Cruise Night.

Hey, this might persuade me to join the festivities, Friday evening!

I really do enjoy seeing all the classic cars come rumbling down our little main drags, and it's fun to see the kids' eyes light up at the first sight of a powder blue Caddy with tailfins, or a custom 50s hot rod restored to impressive glory, flames and all. I'm just not all that crazy about getting caught in crowds.

Maybe I'll just go have a weenie with mustard and relish. They say there will be plenty of vendors, besides the Wienermobile.

Or, maybe I'll take my camera and see what develops...

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