Friday, August 05, 2005

Autos are a-comin' in! Lhude sing cuccu!

Light blogging today, too. GTG to the Cruise Night festivities & see if I can rescue a few shots of the cars -- especially the Wienermobile. I took just barely two dozen pix this afternoon, but the flash card seems to be either defective or just plain stubbornly refusing to talk to the 'puter. I don't have the cables to download thru the camera, right now. They'll have to wait until I unearth those cables from my dresser, where I keep all my non-clothing items.

More later, maybe. Probably tomorrow.

Meanwhile, don't forget to read my column over at Friday's Klips. Governor Blagojevich, the blow-dried one, has me reaching for my gun (the one I own is, sadly, merely filled with Tabasco sauce, to deter squirrels. Should be enough, don't you think?).

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