Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Roggio recounts "Red-on-Red"

Bill Roggio posted this nifty news & analysis yesterday at Winds of Change:

"It has become clear that as the terrorists move into remote locations and attempts to establish their vile brand of civil law, the local populations begin to despise and reject them. As the Sunnis who are typically sympathetic or supportive of the insurgency come into close proximity to the extreme jihadis, they witness their true nature.

This is a measure of success that cannot be quantified, such as the numbers of insurgent fighters killed or captured, the number of suicide attacks across the country, Coalition casualties, the number of operational Iraqi battalions or their fighting effectiveness, money spent of reconstruction or the number of completed projects. As Grim eloquently reminds us, 'The fact that escalation exists does not prove anything about the success or failure of the mission in Iraq', and in fact we should expect escalation as the enemy commits more resources to fight the progress of the Coalition."

Read it all.

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