Friday, June 10, 2005

Here's an idea whose time has come again

The Washington Times reported today that Durbin blames 'right wing' for Howard Dean's public troubles. Yep. We're back at Hillary's paranoid "vast right-wing conspiracy" nonsense, and this time, it's coming from another of our own Illinois idiotarians, Dick Durbin:
"'The right wing has got the agenda moving. Fox [News Channel] and everybody's got the agenda. It's all about Howard Dean. You've bought into it,' Mr. Durbin said.

"'You can't let up on it. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.'"

So, Dean makes the statement that (a) he hates all Republicans, and (b) the Repubican party is a "monolithic" group of "white Christians". He has failed to take into account that better than 60% of America is (a) white and (b) Christian. (In fact, an even greater majority of blacks and hispanics is Christian, and quite a few have moved up into the middle class and have become conservative, learning to vote Republican, this past election.) Ergo, Dean hates a majority of Americans. But, in Durbin's mind (and, apparently, the minds of many muddled lefties and other Democrats), the problem is that the ignorant, foaming, hate-filled blatherings of the party chairman get too much coverage.

Of course, if our beloved state's Mr. Durbin has his way, and the press stops covering the incredibly stupid things they all say, then there will be no coverage at all of the Democratic party this year. That could be the best thing to happen to them in decades.

I hope they all have enough Desenex for their toothbrushes, nonetheless.

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Gunner53 said...

For a US Senator to compare our fighting men and women with nazis proves that he is more dangerous than any battlefield enemy. He has provided comfort to these Islamic goons by making these treasonous, liable and not to mention, dispicable comments. Illinois should recall Dickhead Durbin.