Thursday, June 16, 2005

Durbin Stands by Guantanamo Remarks

This just in from Fox News: He refuses to apologize for his remarks. "'This administration should apologize to the American people for abandoning the Geneva Conventions and authorizing torture techniques that put our troops at risk and make Americans less secure,' Durbin said in a statement Wednesday evening."

If he truly believes that our government needs to stop holding our enemies in Gitmo, DICK DURBIN IS A FLAMING IDIOT!

If he truly believes that Gitmo is comparable to the murders done in the original gulag, and comparable to the mass murder by Pol Pot, DICK DURBIN IS A FLAMING IDIOT!

If he truly believes that our government should apologize for actions it has taken to protect Americans and to spread democracy, DICK DURBIN IS A FLAMING IDIOT!

If he truly believes that he has the calling to stop the torture of innocents, DICK DURBIN SHOULD STOP TALKING! every word out of his mouth is causing us pain.

Does Illinois have a recall method for senators? I've had it with this one.

Update: lgf gives us this news:Aljazeera.Net - US senator stands by Nazi remark. Now we KNOW what his stupidity serves.

Further thoughts: Whence does Dick Durbin originally hail? Hmmm. This could explain much.

Update again: Note to Durbin: Hey, Dick! isn'tthis what you want?


Sister Atom Bomb of Desirable Mindfulness said...

I fear you have a closed mind on this issue. How else to explain the unproductive name calling? Clearly any intelligent debate on this subject is not possible when rash judgments are so easily and quickly displayed. I have only one question: Did you read the entirety of Sen Durbin's remarks or did you judge them solely on the few paragraphs reported by the media (incidentally the most inflamatory paragraphs but not necessarily the most important)? Thank you for considering my remarks.

leucanthemum b said...

sis, I suspect that, while you may have read the entire of what he said (as have I), you did not take into consideration precisely what he was asking for: closing Gitmo, treating the ARMED COMBATANTS as though they were innocent civilians, according to Geneva Convention rules.

By all rights, had we truly been observing the rules of warfare as written into the Geneva Convention, these men should hav ebeen shot on sight, not captured and taken to the Motel-6-on-the-Caribbean.

Durbin's comparisons to Pol Pot and the Nazis, too, are FAR out of scale, and irrational in the extreme. From his hyperbole, you think he is striving toward intelligent debate? The man is a top-notch idiot. He makes the Democratic party and the state of Illinois look stupid -- and destructive toward our troops -- by association.

But if you think he deserves to be heard, far be it from me to discourage free speech. I just don't think he should be paid by us to talk such absolute manure.