Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Al-Qaeda's African Arm

Via Front Page Mag's War Blog, this fromWinds of Change.NET: Al-Qaeda's African Arm Stirs: It appears that al Qaeda is getting suicide bombers for Iraq from Algeria, Mauritania, and Mali, and playing each country off against the others, at the same time, to create maximum chaos across two or more continents.

Dan Darling says that aQ has been recruiting past nationalist divisions in order to forge new bonds, create a more complete "soldier-martyr" (my term, not his), while undermining the nationalist and even tribal tendencies. The "African Arm" of aQ, the GSPC (Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat -- French acronym) has been very effective, so far, in making inroads for aQ, and in undermining the fragile stability of the region. DD believes this will likely lead to further attacks and more violence against (many from within) Mauritania.

They've repeatedly attempted coups in Mauritania, and, with each rebuff, have been playing the "victim card" as the Mauritanian government applies practical restrictions against the insurgent groups.

I'm wondering how the rest of the black community worldwide (and, especially stateside) is viewing this latest development in the Muslim fanatics' use of Africans as tools. What, for example, does "the Rev." Jesse Jackson, or Al Sharpton have to say about this Islamic threat? Or, do they not really care what goes on in Africa, as long as nobody else is looking (Darfur, for example)?

Please read Dan Darling's article, and I encourage you to follow his many links.

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