Saturday, March 26, 2022

Partial Photo Packet of the Day: Scenes from Monmouth College

These pix are numbered as though from a set, likely a small souvenir packet of scenes from around campus – or even around town. Clearly, I don't have the envelope/pouch/packet they originally came in, let alone a complete set. Still, I have learned something today (I might have known this long ago and forgotten it, but I prefer to pretend my memory is less flawed than that):

the music building, long known as Austin Hall, had once been a dormitory called Sunnyside. I lived in an apartment next door to that place for a couple of terms, and knew it had been a dorm, all right, but Sunnyside? Really? What's up with that?

I suppose, since it was on the east side of the street, opposite campus, there's a logic to the name, but… wow. 

Anyway, no surprises with the other four snaps of my old stomping grounds.

Wallace Hall
(or, as the label says, "89 Monmouth College")

"-80- Library - Monmouth College"
Now called Poling Hall, but we old-timers
still pronounce it "CAR-nuh-ghee" 

"–87 – Auditorium"
Still one of my favorite structures on campus.
It's lovely, and has darned good acoustics.
When they don't overdo the upholstery

"-86-Monmouth College Gymnasium" 
Ask me, sometime, about the
dirt track in the basement. 
Under/around the pool.

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