Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Postcards just for you

I have, in the past, amassed cookbooks and booklets, largely through auction, flea market, and thrift store raids. Many of those, I've scanned to share on my little foodie blog. My collection of cookbooks, though, is eclipsed in volume by my collection of postcards.  Recently, I discovered some damage to a few of my albums (I will not go into the gruesome details), and have been in the process of salvaging what I can, scanning and repairing images before relegating the actual cards to some form of storage I, personally, will not open again without many heavy doses of allergy medication (and maybe some tranquilizers). 

I'm piling most of those images into folders and files (they call 'em "albums", like any good photographic service) in my Flickr account, which will, no doubt, get emptied into nothingness the moment I die or lost the last of my funds for paying the meager fee to keep feeding the squirrels that keep their engines running… so if you like old postcard graphics, check out my stuff, and, please, download the postcard images you like to use as you wish. I don't want these lovely things to be lost to posterity.

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