Tuesday, January 12, 2021

I Wasn't Always…


Don't f*** with me. I am to see heads roll.

For the record:

I'm not a Republican. Not really. I've voted third party most of my adult life, even in 2016. I haven't seen the point in joining a party whose representatives were less-than-half-assed in its support for its declared conservative roots and ideals. The only times I declare a party allegiance are when primary elections roll around, and we have few to zero other options. And this is where the rubber hits the road.

Because options are everything.

I wasn't a Republican, even when Democrats – the Party of Feminists™ – elected (and then re-elected) a rapist, while slandering and further abusing that rapist's victims.

I wasn't a Republican, even when Democrats – the Party of Ecological Conscience™ – selected a candidate whose mansion and houseboat wasted more resources than any 100 average citizens combined.

I wasn't a Republican, even when Democrats – the Party of Racial Unity™– elected an open racialist to deepen what had been a healing racial divide, encouraging violence in the name of skin color.

I wasn't a Republican, even when Democrats – the Party of the Worker™ – demanded open borders, easing human trafficking, so that near-slave-wage (and often literal slaves) could be imported to compete with the already disadvantaged unskilled laborers already struggling across this nation.

I wasn't a Republican, even when Democrats – the Party of Science™ – declared that biology is irrelevant to one's sexual identity, that a newborn is not yet a human being worthy of protecting its innocent life, that wearing a mask, while having little preventive power in the spread of a virus, must be worn so that people are less afraid, that a governor whose policies which directly brought about the deaths of thousands of elderly citizens is a hero while a governor whose policies had the opposite effect is vilified, that alternate energy sources must always be the least efficient and most costly to the environment.

I wasn't a Republican until, after decades of Democrats challenging any Republican victory in presidential elections, they went so far as to falsify evidence and use criminal means – and purportedly unbiased government agencies – to enter that evidence into impeachment hearings, and, with the help of their lap-dog media, sold that lie to large swathes of the public. 

I wasn't a Republican until, after decades of Democrats encouraging lawbreaking on every level – from sexual abuse to drug abuse to violence against unprotected classes – and vilifying law enforcers and military members, said Democrats witnessed a lawful gathering they didn't like, declared themselves to be the party of law and order, and demanded that any who supported the gathering be "cleansed," denied the right to air travel, denied the right to work in any government office, denied the right to sell their goods through credit agencies, and more.

I wasn't a Republican until, after years of saying they "speak truth to power," Democrats used federal agencies to spy on and intimidate private citizens, used federal agencies to wrest property from private land-owners and cattle farmers, used federal and state agencies to shutter churches, forced independent artisans to choose between free speech and earning an honest income in their trade.  Speaking real truth to the Democrat powers, on most of these issues, is deemed violence worthy of criminal prosecution, but violent actions in the name of the singularly unoppressed American? "Mostly peaceful," "justifiable," "forgivable." Democrats choose to jail a person for going to church, free a person who has raped and murdered, based upon which socio-political boxes have been checked off.

I wasn't a Republican until, after decades of Democrats calling conservatives of all stripes "nazis", the Democrats showed themselves to be most in favor of behaving like that historic evil: threatening the lives and livelihoods of dissenters, of those who don't toe the ever-moving line precisely. Democrats celebrated the assault on a Republican Senator at his home. Democrats celebrated the assault on Republicans at a charity baseball game. Democrats celebrated the silencing of a conservative website. Democrats celebrated the announcement of many conservative media pundits' terminal cancer diagnoses. Democrats "doxed" non-conforming private citizens and celebrated when the mob descended upon them and their families,  celebrated vandalism to their homes and cars, celebrated when their employers were forced to fire them in order to save their businesses from those mobs. 

Democrats – the Party of Tolerance™ – have shown themselves to be supremely intolerant, and supremely intolerable.

For these and a hundred other reasons, unless and until I find a better option, I join with the Republicans. 

The GOP will be seeing me and mine come to do some house-cleaning, as well.

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