Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dogblog: Clyde owes it all to clean living

Clyde got a pretty, brand-spanking-new collar a couple of weeks ago, purchased from our favorite boutique. But before he could wear it, he needed to clean up and get rid of that ring-around-the collar that the old collar had left behind.

Of course, this means bee-ay-tee-aytch. We didn't take him to the vet's office for it, this time. Grammaw was feeling bold enough to do it herself. And Clyde, swell feller that he is, didn't give her a hard time. He climbed into the tub without having to be lifted or any such, and received his waterdogging like a good victim.
Why me?

Too patient for his own comfort

OMG! soap?  Aaaugh!
There goes that dingy grey! And one doggy's dignity, with it!

Can't bear it
Not sure how much more he can take...

Nose up the temp
Ah, I see... bumping up the temperature a little makes a difference.

And then it was all over, and he got a bunch of yummy treats (which he promptly accepted and then hid from the rest of us).

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Unknown said...

How cute! love the pictures, how can you not love that cute dog getting his bath, very obediant. I repeat sooooooooooo cute!!!!!