Wednesday, December 26, 2007

26 December Fortune Teller says

Your birthday today:
Learn to rely on your own judgment; it is good and will bring you much success. You are entertaining, intelligent, fun-loving and have marked literary ability. You are far-sighted, conservative, good company, a strong lover and take a deep interest in your home.
1926 Esther Miller will happily use her good judgment to wish you a happy birthday, too, as well as to these notables: Mao Zedong, Gray Davis, Evan Bayh, Charles Babbage, John Horton Conway, Edward C. Prescott, George Dewey, James T. Conway, John Walsh, Maurice Utrillo, Henry Miller, Frank Swift, David Sedaris, James Mercer, Chris Daughtry, Lars Ulrich, Caroll Spinney, Richard Widmark, Jared Leto, Sandra Taylor, Steve Allen, Alan King, Phil Spector, Stu Miller, Ray Sadecki, Carlton Fisk, Ozzie Smith,

and Uncle Charlie Osborne.

Go ahead and fiddle around on your birthday.

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