Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Waukegan city officials decide to enforce laws

I was beginning to abandon all hope that Illinois could come up with rational responses to the problem of illegal immigration and further crimes committed by illegal aliens. But one Chicago suburb is reviving my faith in sensible local governments.

The city has decided it's okay to hand over illegal alien criminals, to the Feds, for deportation. They're not going to become a criminal sanctuary city. I wish I'd lived in Waukegan, back in the day. They seem nicely non-leftwitty.

Of course, somebody's going to tell me that Waukegan is nothing but imperialists and fascists who came here illegally long ago, and now they want to stop anybody else from having the same privileges ... o'course, they're ignoring the part where the deportation is for those convicted of crimes other than border crossing without papers.... like, y'know, rape, murder, robbery, and all that kinda stuff that, apparently, the opponents of this measure would have us believe every illegal has committed, or they wouldn't be getting deported, now, would they?

Feh. A government group did something right, this week. I'm going to take that as a good sign.

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