Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Human train wreck pummeled by former colleague

Andy Dick, it seems, met a bar head-on, with the guidance and assistance of Jon Lovitz, last weekend.

Not that I always have to take note of goings-on of show-biz personalities, but this one seems to have been coming from quite a way back. Dick has a long history of drug abuse -- especially cocaine, if the reports are true. That stuff does nasty things to your brain.

And, I don't know what Dick was like before he became a "successful comic," but if Dick is an example of what success and drugs can do to a person, I'm glad I'm just an impoverished, medium-sized fish in a small pond, with too many health issues to have experimented much with mind-altering substances.

I've seen a few of Andy Dick's appearances on late-night programs, and have failed to find any of his behavior remotely amusing.

Embarrassing, more like.

He reminds me of a kid I used to know when I was in high school, a kid who was convinced nobody could possibly like him for himself, so he spent all his time being obnoxious and unpleasant in order to provide an excuse for his being loathed. Underneath it all, he was just a scared little kid who had no direction. He told me once that his counselor said it was the act that everybody hated, and, deep down, he could be a nice guy, if he tried. Of course, he didn't try very often or very hard.

The trouble is, by the time we were legally adults, the act was all he had left. He had forgotten how to find the nice little kid. He was a jerk.

By all the accounts at gossip pages, and from what I've seen on talk shows, so is Andy Dick.

I wonder if anybody has seriously suggested he seek professional help? Or, is there nobody he has allowed to get close enough to him, that he would listen to?

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pathickey said...

And bears a striking resemblance to the gold-plated jerk undermining all comfidence in justice and suing us into the poorhouse to make his pile: