Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dogblog: Clyde's family reunion

Clyde's mommy -- my seester -- came to town for the party this past weekend, and she brought Clyde's seester, Bonnie, with her.

Bonnie stayed in the same house with Clyde for the weekend because her mommy and daddy were spending their overnight time in "no pets" accommodations.
Of course, where Clyde is big and mellow yellow, Bonnie is small and active black.

Nevertheless, she was greeted by Grandpop with plenty of enthusiasm -- Fair and Balanced, though. Pop is crazy like a Fox.

Two Spoiled Grandpuppies

Once Bonnie settled in, she took possession of Clyde's best toys and bed, Bonnie in Clyde's bed and poor Clyde took the displacement with only a small amount of that martyrdom routine.
Hardship endured for family

The two of them played pretty rough, for the duration of her visit, so Clyde was not exactly put out by her visit, but he did seem to be more than a little happy when he got his own stuff back...
One happy Clyde

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