Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dogblog: Clyde says If You've Got the Bunny He's Got the Time

A couple of weeks ago, Dad decided it was time to to his ritual clearing of the living room, in which he throws things into the trash that he thinks don't belong in his house. Sadly, one of the items set aside for landfill was the stuffed toy bunny rabbit I had brought over (we hadn't found any good, non-squeaky toys for doggies at the pet store or at Farm King, so I raided the stuff I'd intended to dump on some unsuspecting child over the Easter weekend). The bunny lay in the trash, and Clyde knew better than to raid that receptacle while there were witnesses, so he sat staring at it until one of us women noticed the problem.

Clyde got his wascally wabbit. He put his bunny where his mouth was.

But then, last week, Mom decided it was time to check the rabbit for signs of deterioration (why she would worry about wear and tear on a puppy toy I don't quite know, but she's conscientious that way). Poor Clyde had to sit and wait while Mom performed her examination... and then as Mom practically tormented him by saying something like, "You don't really want this old thing, do you?" and holding it right out there without actually giving it to him....
May I Have My Bunny, Pleeeeease?

The strain of anticipation pretty much wore him out. Blissful Bunnyland Slumber

But it was a happy slumberland he entered, since he got Bunny for Nothing and his cheeks rubbed for free.

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