Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday Catblog: the furniture has arrived

I'm usually pleased, upon my arrival at Mom's house, to see Maus run down the walkway and sit patiently while I extract myself from the little red car. Patience

It's flattering.

Maus always expects me to give her a "head-butt", forehead to forehead, every time we meet out there.

But then, after I put my gear inside, I'm supposed to come back out for a little time cuddling, during which she sits on my lap (actually, just one leg of it) and ignores me completely while she grooms. Maus On Lap

Recently, however, Maus has discovered that Furfur likes to be up in my arms, or draped over my shoulders, where he can lord it over Momsporchistan and the high steppes. Naturally, whatever he has, she wants... she is a cat, after all. So, by and by, she takes over the high throne Getting comfy at last
and tolerates no criticism for it.
What are YOU looking at?
She owns that perch. She is, after all, Athena, goddess supreme.

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whaleshaman said...

how sweetly she waits, thanks for sharing her.