Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday Catblog: Breakfast at Furfur's

I came in the side door at Mom's, the other day, for no good reason. It seems, though, that in doing this, I had left one kitty resting quietly on the front steps. Snooze on the Steps

Mom informed me that she had not yet put out any food for the wee beasties -- and she hadn't seem Maus come up, yet (a rare occurrence before food!). Needless to say, I was shocked, shocked to hear that cats were going hungry on this block... I took out some food and quietly set it on the porch slab, then sat and waited with the camera for some sign that Furfur was awake. It didn't take long.
Furfur close up

It also didn't take long before he realized that the lens cap on its leash was not overly edible, but there was, in fact, real kibble just a hop, skip and jump across my lap...
Furfur  Feasts
He polished off that bowl post-haste. I didn't even need to ask him if he enjoyed his meal.
Taste Good, Furfur?

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srp said...

He is certainly a sleek handsome fellow.