Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday Catblog: Studies in Black and White

Being bipolar doesn't necessarily mean that the world is black and white, but apparently these kitties don't mind drawing clearly defined lines:
"Sunshine and Shadow" postcard entered my collection last Sunday, at the local auction,
Card postmarked April 1, 1907, Rock Island ILL

But the cats at home seemed less interested in old postcards and more interested in my Keds,
Whose shoe, again?
TiGrr at his most irresistible

in just keeping sheltered from the heat
Athena who used to be known as Handsome Anselm
Athena who used to be known as Handsome Anselm

and in getting enough to eat
I think it's a mouse on her back
Athena again

I just noticed this past week -- since it's only been that long that Athena has trusted me enough to turn her back on me when she's eating -- that the black spots on her back seem to be in the shape of a mouse or a bunny. Unless you think it looks like something else. Or I may just be crazy. Okay, I'm crazy anyway, but doesn't it look mousey?

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