Thursday, June 08, 2006

Friday Catblog: Handsome Anselm has a surprise

I had grown accustomed to Handsome Anselm coming around and still maintaining his distance. He usually has his fill at the feed bowls, then finds a perch where he can see whatever interests him while keeping a safe distance between himself and me. He's always aware of where I am,
Handsome Anselm
even when he has other things to think about, other things to do.
Handsome Anselm
But recently, he's been getting friendlier, as though to say that he's accepted me into the pride. He began to approach me
Handsome Anselm takes a morning stroll
to rub his cheek against me, roughly three weeks ago, and then just this past sunday afternoon, he decided that, while I sat on the preferred tree stump in the yard, my lap was not a dangerous territory. It was then -- and only then -- that I discovered that Handsome Anselm is that rarest of all felines, the lactating male!

Either that, or I've spent the last year not noticing that the little guy has lacked something crucial to his being a guy...

I prefer to think in terms of miraculous development, though. I don't want to know where kittens might be stashed. We have more than enough already.

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(I'm posting early due to the woes of Blogger these days. I figure if I get ma wee beastie online, I'll be doing fine, the way things have been going these past coupla days)

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