Friday, February 03, 2006

Catblog timeshare: Stretch and Rizzo

Stretch & Rizzo
All week long, I've been checking in on these two, plus three other critters (one of them human), making sure they're well-fed, comfortable, and properly medicated. Stretch, the Siamese fellow, gave us all a pretty big scare a couple of weeks ago when he burst a blood vessel in his eye (among other health events), but he seems very much on the mend, today. His eye is almost completely clear, now, and he's becoming interested in his goopy foods again (side question: why do cat foods smell so dad-blamed nasty?).

His mom will be home from her vacation, probably by Wednesday, and I imagine he will be happy to hear her voice and sit in her lap. I know she will need a snuggle-kitty after driving all the way back from eastern Florida to west-central Illinois in her little, old tinkertoy car. Cat purrs are always good for soothing highway-frazzled nerves.

On the other hand, Rizzo doesn't usually look this calm. He's a dog of many ergs. When we run out of oil, we can just hook up Rizzo to the nearest engine, and he will drive us at least to Mars. I hope their mom is rested well before she tries to duplicate this picture at home.

Update, Saturday evening: manners, manners, where are my manners? This week's Carnival of the Cats is to be hosted at Enrevanche. Also, for your animal-loving delight, be sure to spend time at Friday's Ark. And, tell them how much we appreciate all this sharing.

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