Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Hey, Nike! Try this on for size!

One of the questions coming up recently, since so many people have been making jest of Nike's recent choice for money pit  advertising personality, is how to run ads without ticking off half their market, at a cost of a gazillion dollars into the pockets of entitled sports celebrities.

It seems to me, the opportunity they've continued to miss is going outside pro sports, and looking to local heroes. Genuine heroes. First responders.

I'd be willing to bet a lot of local life-savers would be happy to lend their likenesses to a regional advertisement, in exchange for, say, a donation of new equipment to the department, to a community project, or a scholarship…

A high-quality portrait, a brief background story, and "we believe in not just challenging ourselves, but in bringing out excellence in our communities" could draw in more goodwill, and, with it, a steadier stream of revenues. Meanwhile they could be making the local heroes world-famous, one internet pop-up at a time…

Not that I expect them to look at anybody but celebrity athletes. But it could be interesting.

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