Friday, July 21, 2017

Lesson learned

Today I was reminded of the hazards of sleeping late...

When I got out at first light to take my morning constitutional, I was ahead of most people, so I could walk in the street without worrying I'd disrupt automobile traffic. Today, I walked the city's uneven sidewalks, and -- wouldn't you know it? -- between an upraised square and basic laws of physics, I will be running out of acetaminophen and Myoflex this week.

Sum total human damage: scraped palms, scraped and bleeding knee, scraped cheek (yes, I did an actual, literal faceplant), slightly sprained right elbow and wrist, and popped shoulder (it does that. It took less than a second to put it right), all of which will provide me with hours of grumbles and some added color, tomorrow, but not much more than that.

Also, I scratched my favorite cheaters. Unlike me, their scraped surface means a prognosis of death.

On the plus side, I made my spectacular pratfall in front of a witness who *actually stopped and got out of his vehicle* to check on me! He waited until he was sure I could make the walk home, before he went on to his destination. I love small-town people!

But tomorrow, when I go walking, I will either go much earlier again, or find another stretch of sidewalk to venture down. Also, the cane is coming back out of the corner...for safety's sake.

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