Friday, June 27, 2014

On Crossing Boundaries

Today there are confirmed reports that a Mexican Helicopter crossed the border into Arizona and fired upon US border guards. Now, if you look closely at satellite images of the region, you can clearly see there is a road running parallel to the border, making it obvious to anybody where that border is.

In other words, this was not a "mistake".

But, hey, let's give them the benefit of the doubt.

Let's pretend that they had NO CLUE where they were, or how they got there. Or, as with the case of Sgt. Andrew Tahmoressi, helicopter traffic in the region was funneled north in such a way that there was no possible opportunity for them to turn back from the border, so, unlike our marine, they chose to fire off their weapons in panic as soon as the …erm…skyway opened up.

Yeh, that's the ticket.


This is not the first time people in official Mexican uniforms have made forays across our mutual border and fired at our law enforcement officers. Maybe some of them were accidental, but as more and more of this sort of thing is happening, and as officials in Mexico seem to be as enthusiastic as Obama in encouraging people to send gang members into our border states among the disease-ridden children, it's about time a few people in Congress start taking threats seriously.

And, why not start by suggesting that, as a gesture of good faith, since we've sent their "accidental crossers" back right away, since we've practically apologized to them for their stupidity/cupidity for years, maybe they can start truly atoning for their errors by (a) returning our hostage marine, and (b) getting their cops to stop taking more hostages hapless people into custody for making a simple mistake. And, maybe they can continue by actually defending the border correctly – that is to say, they stop people from coming in from their south and crossing the entire of their country unchecked as they make their way into our lands.

But I guess that's too much to ask. After all, our own government doesn't seem to give a tinker's damn about our border security, either, let alone care about the safety of those who are tasked with said border security, or those who live near the border, or those who have to pay taxes to support the agencies which offer "free" public aid to every last illegal border crosser who asks for it, even as the same government denies support to the veterans who made life so cushy for the people in that government…

I'm sorry. I fear I may have created a run-on sentence. But that's far less troubling than a runaway government supporting runs on our border.

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