Friday, June 20, 2014

Monday On the Road, or, Across the Plains and Into the Hills, part 2

Carhenge. That monument to all things vehicular.

We couldn't have picked a better day. The sun was shining, the breeze was fairly gentle, the temperature right around 70ยบ F, and there were few visitors to get in our way.
Even the tailgate-and-rim benches were inviting (they seemed to be attractive to little black jumping spiders, too. I didn't crowd the little fellers). 

The walk around the park was easy, although the gravel might have made it difficult for a wheelchair to negotiate much of it, so I was glad my companion was as prepared for the stroll with braces and other supports as I was (actually, better). We walked the perimeter first, exploring and enjoying the sculpture garden

Wagons ho! (Who you callin' "Ho"?)
Look out, Z! It looks like that thing hasn't eaten in a while!
Prize catch
before making our way to the henge

to pay our respects to the workmanship and ingenuity which was marked by both the henge and the automobiles of which it was comprised.

And, for the record, the staff at the visitor's center, that day, was a very friendly and helpful young woman who indicated she had actually chosen to come in to work on the holiday. 

We were not sorry we stopped to see this.

But we still had miles to go before we slept.

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