Thursday, January 09, 2014

I do not like thee..

Since early on in his stay in the limelight, I've been a little less enthusiastic than many about the popularity of Chris Christie. Granted, I did enjoy seeing him take down so many union shills, but, somehow, I wasn't quite as comfortable with his success as I was with, say, Scott Walker's. At first, I thought it might simply be my Midwestern provincialism. However, in light of recent news concerning New Jersey's administration, I now have an excuse to share my qualms about having their current governor as the lead name on the Republican ticket for 2016.

In honor of this moment, I offer a small bit of doggerel:*

I do not like thee, Mister Christie,
The reason why is greatly mistie,
But this I say while shaking fistie,
I do not like thee, Mister Christie.

*With apologies to Ogden Nash and Thomas Brown

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