Monday, June 03, 2013

Between a Barbecue and a Science Lecture

I posted this on a social medium before I remembered I have a blog… I guess I'm tired. Still, after a day of hard work, I was faced with two separate people trying to sway me toward opposing sides of a thorny issue, so here is where I ended up:

I'm neither a conservative Christian nor a progressive atheist. I'm somewhere in the middle, the way a lot of people are, in this world. 

I'm also not terribly interested in converting to any one set of beliefs, because, well, because. 

That's all. 

But one thing I can tell you about being out here in the non-aligned state. While both the Christians and the atheists have spent much time trying to convert me to their views of the universe, the big difference seems to be this: it's as if the Christians are saying, "We have this awesome deity, and He's made some totally spiffy promises, so we have a party going in His name, and it's up to you whether or not you want to join in."

The atheists rely upon the government to keep the Christians from inviting me to their party, and forcing me and mine to attend their somber, scientific functions.

The more I watch the two sides trying to sway me to their cause, the more inclined I am to respect the Christians, and the more I am inclined to pity the atheists as the humorless local bullies who call the cops every time their neighbors have a weekend barbecue and stay up singing camp songs until midnight.

Even though I'm not much of a party animal, it's nice to know I'm welcome, in one yard, to have a 32-ounce pop or a mass-produced beer, a greasy burger, and a song uninterrupted, if I want to.

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