Friday, March 22, 2013

CBS puts foot in it, wanders around with it still attached

I had been, for a time, enjoying The Amazing Race on CBS Sundays, until my life got complicated enough that I couldn't depend upon being able to watch it consistently, and, until this past weekend, I was sorry I hadn't managed to keep up.  However, I'm rather relieved I've skipped it, of late, considering this past week's colossal stupidity in programming.

Worse than their decision to run with this little game of "Insult a Generation of G.I.s and Their Loved Ones" was their decision to ignore the outcry as though it were nothing more than a few whiny FOX-News-watching, TEA-Party -voting, non-viewing, toothless, ignorant rednecks kvetching about dirty commies. So, in essence, CBS producers insulted American patriots twice - once by letting Walter Cronkite lie about the conditions, circumstances, and conduct of out troops in Vietnam forty years and change ago to so great a degree that, ultimately, it cost us the war, and second when the contestants sang along with a pro-communist song in the heart of Hanoi.  Uncle Walter and Hanoi Jane would be proud.

America – and especially those brave ones who served and sacrificed in that war – deserve more respect, and yet when CBS execs were asked about this, and asked for an explanation or an apology, the people asking were met with silence.  Since then, there has been an internet/media press for CBS to offer an apology, to no avail.

I have to admit, this is probably the most blatantly idiotic and offensive stunt CBS has committed since they stood by Dan Rather as he tried to sell fiction as fact. If it weren't so disgusting, I'd be impressed by their steadfastly unchanging nature.

My own family has decided to boycott their programming until we hear something which, to our ears, sounds like genuine contrition (none of that "we're sorry if you were offended" crap). Personally, I won't miss March Madness terribly, but my parents have reluctantly opted for only keeping track online of the scores for the games CBS broadcasts.

If the silence continues, I suggest the interested public step up the pressure by going to the advertisers on Amazing Race, starting with sponsor Ford Motor Company, and moving on to CBS investments should that still be insufficient to prompt genuine remorse.

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