Friday, December 14, 2012

In the wake of a great tragedy

I see the call has already begun to write more and stricter gun laws, while the bodies are still warm. Let me be the first to remind you that Connecticut has one of the most restrictive sets of gun laws in the nation, that its schools are all declared "gun-free zones" and it helped exactly how much? And you think that writing more laws is going to improve this situation exactly HOW? 

Quite frankly, I believe there needs to be a little more consideration of the person who wielded weapons against the helpless than of the weapon itself. Mentally ill or not, the young man with the guns is RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS OWN ACTIONS. He was not possessed by an inanimate object, he acted on his own impulses. Why are you not crying out for better mental health care, or for more concern regarding society's tendency to encourage violent entertainments, or any of a number of other probable factors? NOOOOO, you have to attack as though it were the instrument which were the cause, and not the tool using it. If it were about the tools, then we should have banned the manufacture and sale of fertilizer after the Murrah Building was bombed in Oklahoma City.

My personal preference would be that you recognize evil as it walks, that you aim to provide for better treatment of mental disease, and you stop blaming gadgets for the failure of humans to
be humane.

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