Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Let's go out for pizza and cheer

For those who think that the founder of Papa John's should, maybe, sell his mansion to pay for employees' health care packages, let me point out to you that the Papa John's stores are independently-owned FRANCHISES. If you boycott them, you screw another LOCAL BUSINESS (not John Schnatter, the founder of the company),  and add further strain to the local economy, putting more local employees out of work.

You, no doubt, were so enamored of the idea that everybody NEEEEEEEEEEEDS health insurance (a completely different thing from the actual health *care* that you kept pretending you were talking about), you voted for a congress and POTUS who went ahead and enacted a big-ass package of laws and policies with no regard for how all of it would be paid for. Well, peeps, it's paid for by raising prices for products, by cutting back on individual stores' and individual businesses' payrolls. It comes from cutting hours from full time to part time, or laying off, or completely shutting down shop, so they don't have to lose what little financial cushion those business owners have earned.

In other words, if you put more taxes onto a business than it can afford to pay from its meager profits, you put more people on unemployment, on the taxpayer's dime. If you are a taxpayer, who voted for Obama, with his abominable "health care" package and power-grabbing regulating agencies, enjoy the ever-increasing burden you volunteered to carry.  If you're not a taxpayer and you voted for this, you will feel the pinch, when your Food Stamp benefits get cut because so many more have been added to the limited bank account backing your EBT cards (see: Ohio).

Congratulations.  Elections have really sucky consequences, when you vote to sock it to the rich.  first of all, you were given fair warning that, if you persisted in electing the absurdly anti-business, class-warfare would-be-general, small businesses would suffer, and, in turn, that pain would trickle down to the average working guy, and from there to the poor (of course, you don't believe in trickle-down economies, do you?). You may have aimed to steal tons of cash (that's what your redistribution plan is), and drag the rich down to your base level, but the rich ALWAYS survive, one way or another, and it's the little guy feels the sting of your wildly-thrown punch.

Meanwhile, I'll be doing what I can to eat out at Applebee's, McDonald's, Burger King, Papa John's & the rest of those "cruel, sick, vindictive," honest and PRAGMATIC establishments as often as my shrinking budget will allow.  Maybe I'll buy some Twinkies on my way home, while I still can.  I can use the preservatives.

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