Thursday, August 09, 2012

The cause of the record-high temps & drought

Like most people, I've wondered what could be the source of the heat, the drought we've been suffering across so much of the country this summer.  After consulting my favorite meteorologist (a stick in the back yard: when it's wet, there's rain; when it's dry... not so much) and my local physics expert (some old guy who lives down the hall), and a few other resources, each of equal reliability (Tarot cards, throwing bones, rune stones, astrological charts, the network news programs, and my cat), I believe I have the answer:

It's politics.  

No, I"m not saying that the sinners are bringing upon us the fire and brimstone a little prematurely (although that was my original working hypothesis), I'm saying it's much more direct.

It's all those gol-durned Chicago-linked politicians with their gol-durned pants on fire.

As if life wasn't hot enough.

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