Thursday, April 19, 2012

Twitter as the new nickelodeon

It's funny how the campaigns are all about the serious issues, but the rest of us are having fun with the trivial nonsense, like sluts and dog-eaters and crazy, gun-toting, aging rock stars...  maybe it's like choosing a movie:  during the Great Depression, Busby Berkley and other escapist stuff sold out in cheap cinemas across the country.  Star Wars led the box office during Carter's "malaise" (and, in the same year Lucas' blockbuster was released, the majority of other top-grossers turned out to be comedies or escapist thrillers.  Or, just plain nonsense --  see: #19 on the list linked).

The public may simply be looking for cheap escapist fun for a brief moment before they go back to living the issues.

Certainly, I've been greatly enjoying the sorts of stuff posted on Twitter, of late.  For example, this.  And this.  This, too. And, of course, this.  Serious politics.  heh.

But that doesn't mean I don't care about the "big picture" beyond the Twitterverse.  And, in truth, I've even seen the people there discuss real issues, and how to approach them realistically.

It's just that, while we have the opportunity, we might as well have a little inexpensive-to-free fun.  I get the feeling there won't be much of that, in a few months.

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