Monday, April 30, 2012

Free Tweets for me, but not for thee

Sunday night, a conservative talk show host, Dana Loesch, received a Twitter message suggesting that the sender would encourage the rape and murder of Loesch.  This "tweeter" has had along history of referring to women who share a moderate to conservative viewpoint on Twitter as "ignorant, bigoted, RACIST, Right-Wing, Neo-Fascist KKK*NTS" [asterisk mine.  You can fill in the blank.  I didn't have to, since he directed this same title at me as he had to at least three dozen other moderat/conservative women].*

Shortly after this man posted his disgusting statements to and about Loesch, her husband posted a defense of her.  For that sin, a rather large contingent on the left branch of twitter ran a series of 'bots to file "spamming" charges against him.  His account was suspended, merely for posting defense of his wife!

Chris Loesch is not the first conservative to see his account suspended due to false spamming charges, and it looks as though, unless Twitter fixes its algorithm, he will not be the last.

If you think this system of attacking and shutting down the speech of those who disagree with you is funny, I must laud you for maintaining a level of development most of us lost out on by having graduated from eighth grade.

If, on the other hand, you have a modicum of common decency and common sense, I hope you will be as appalled by this as I am.

Because worse than puerile, the idea that using lies to silence others is the first step in a very short progression toward true fascism.  And, when you've successfully shut down the voices of dissent from your church of leftism, you can kiss your own freedom goodbye -- or did you learn nothing from the French Revolution, as it cannibalized itself?... oh, sorry.  Maybe you didn't get that far in your world history classes.   Let's just suffice it to say, it was a very ugly season.  We wouldn't want a repeat.

Update:  more here.

*Correction:  The "person" who suggested rape and murder was not the same as the one who used such colorful language toward me and other women.  However, they both lay claim to having helped force Chris Loesch off twitter, so my conflation of the two might be forgiven.... I hope.

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