Thursday, April 05, 2012

Beauty is as beauty does

This past week, some poor deluded woman went public about how hard it is to be beautiful.  Then, she got so many unpleasant responses to the article about her great burden, she had to go back into the public eye to cry some more about the hard, cruel life she has, being so beautiful and all.

I've never been a runway model, and it's been a very long time since I had the right stuff for even a local department store catwalk.  Still, I can safely say, I understand where she's coming from.  Like me, she has a little trouble dealing with reality;  in other words, she's nuts.  I do, occasionally, wish I had her kind of looney-tunes playing in my head.  My voices tell me I'm stupid, ugly, or otherwise useless.  I have learned to ignore them, to the best of my ability.  This poor woman -- she keeps listening to the great and glorious sound of her own fantastic voices.

I'm not saying that she's ugly.  I don't really know her well enough to establish that, one way or another.  But, as an artist,  and as a student of masterpieces, I can safely say she is not interesting enough to warrant anybody making a fuss over her physical attributes.  That mug on the front of her head is bland.  Her physique appears, in  the photos provided in the articles, to be no great shakes, either.  Sure, she looks fit enough, but does anybody imagine romantic poetry extolling the virtues of her petal-formed lips, her subtle silken shoulders, her thighs of alabaster?

Even her darling hubby looks a bit pained as he stands beside her.  I believe he might recognize, too , that a woman of true beauty would never waste another's time in whining about how difficult her god-given features had made her life.   A woman of true beauty might not even have been blessed with symmetrical features, with a comely frame or a smooth complexion and pearly-white, straight teeth.  Her beauty would be apparent to all, regardless of her physical attributes.  She would, by virtue of her exceptional soul, share a smile as often as possible, and do all she could to use her gifts to make others' lives beautiful.

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Sarah Raven said...

I enjoyed your insight. And it made me laugh. Thank you. :)