Friday, February 03, 2012

Why won't Romney own his wealth?

For crying out loud, every time he turns around, he gives a pish-tush mutter over his money.  Romney is rich. He's successful.  These are things in which he should take some pride.  Moreover, he should use them in his campaign:  "Yes, I'm rich.  I started with a little money, now I have a lot of money, and I'll do everything in my power as President of the United States to see to it that you can do the same."  No promises of a chicken in every pot, but a promise that the government will get the hell out of the way and let you plunge into the world of wealth, if you're willing to apply yourself  a little.

Isn't that the whole point of the Republican Party?   Why the hell isn't he selling it for what it is, then?  Why doesn't he stand tall and say, "Come join me? It's fun being successful!  The water's fine!"  instead of apologizing for paying millions in taxes and kissing up to the left over a perceived "insensitivity to the poor."

I realize that, in many circles, discussions of money are in poor taste.  In fact, when I was a little yard-ape, people seriously did not discuss income or other such issues outside their own employers' offices and marital chambers.  But in this day and age, we need people to lead the way, light a ray of hope against the oppressive anti-rich leftist mobs.  We need people like Mitt to stand and show how being rich does not mean becoming a voracious monster, but rather, having the opportunity to do what is necessary to become rich allows us to appreciate our own worth, as well as our value in others' eyes.  

Instead of downplaying it, Mitt needs to stand up for success.  Why isn't he doing it?  Why isn't the party demanding he do it?  What are they afraid of?

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