Saturday, February 25, 2012

A question for the AGW-ists

I am a bit perplexed by what I understand of the beliefs of the people who say there can be no doubt that there is Climate Change and that it is caused by belching factories and stinking, fuel-burning sport-utility vehicles, and, therefore, we must mend our ways, destroy our fossil-fuel technologies, and learn to live as one with the planet.

So, let me get this straight:

You claim that there is no God, no all-seeing, all-powerful force which shaped the earth and the skies.

You are certain that man and all animals evolved from some primordial soup or ooze or clay sludge to become what they are, today, and that they will continue to change apace.  You agree that the universe is, by all evidence, expanding and ever-changing, and our galaxy evolves as it revolves.  Inside an arm of that galaxy, our planet tracks in elliptical orbit, as do seven other planets and a massive field of debris, around a sun which belches forth all manner of substance and energy in an apparent cycle of activity and rest, indicating a constant state of change.  Our little ovate orb spins and clings to its molten, fluid core, blanketed by a layer of moving plates of crust over which lie great masses of moving, tide-and-current-driven water and a layer of less massive but nevertheless equally fluid mixture of gases, all moving and shifting things about the surface of the crust.

With all this in mind, you still believe that the earth's climates must remain precisely as you remember them from... sixty seconds before Man first walked upright.  Any change which occurred since then was a direct result of Man's interference – the tilling of lands, the burning of fuels, the building of factories, the damming of rivers...  is that right?

If only we hadn't – dare I say it? – sinned against the earth,  the planet would still be as it was when it first formed itself out of a mass of gases and star stuff; an idyllic environment, a veritable unchanging Garden of Eden.  

And, yet, there is no God, there is no thing in this universe which is unchanging.  Is that right?

Please tell me I'm somehow mistaken.

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