Friday, December 02, 2011

Today's earworm: rock on!

Lately, I've been tuning out the political news on television, and swinging toward music programming.  Not that I have anything against political hacks promoting their favorite fictions, or anything... it's just that, if you hear it once, you'll hear it forever echoed by others, and it's so much better to have it echoed simply by a somewhat mad mind, internally...

But, politically speaking, as they're still arguing budget and deficit and spending beyond the moon and taxing beyond all income.... all my dear children aren't going to be allowed to go anywhere but into debt.  The poor rocking chair is going to be lonely a lot longer.

And you'll be humming segments of this until Congress gets itself under control, or until the end of civilization... whichever comes first (don't put money on the first-position horse in this race).

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