Friday, December 09, 2011

Today's earworm: don't lower my ears too much

As.  If.

I go to the salon, and my hero practically pulls out the electric razor and reduces the mop to a controllable buzz cut (which, BTW, is why so many people assume I am less interested in men than I am...  well, that and the fact that I've been celibate for two decades, this coming year).

Anyway, I got my grey unruly mass removed, and, of course, had a great and magnificent melody in response to my own preference...

I like the song, but, even more, I like not having to waste tons of money on bottles of products designed to make me spend hours in front of a mirror being more than dissatisfied.  Let the hippies and the runway models lose fortunes on conditioner.

Meanwhile, just remember, it grows by itself.

You're welcome.

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