Friday, December 10, 2010

Someone's in the kitchen with dishpan hands...

Mom & I have been playing again in the kitchen ('tis the season, after all). Mom does the serious stuff, while I stick to idiot's delight activities, much to my delight.

Last week, I taught a couple of friends how to make a good basic brown gravy (my fave is Thanksgiving turkey gravy on anything, from taters to rice to a slab of bread). If you can cook meat, you can usually make gravy, too... unless you really like working with that extra-lean meat. And I can work around that, given enough advance notice. But I didn't do any of that, this week. I don't have much energy, still after having fought off the latest influenza (coughing for a month is not my idea of a swell holiday activity). I wanted to keep things simple.

This week, I went crazy and cranked up the oven for some baked goods... sort of. My main project: "What a Maroon's Macaroons." I'm posting it over in Mom's kitchen, aka Klip's Joint.

There's a little extra, too, for Christmas....

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