Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Even the French are offended

The peasants seem to be in the early stages of an uprising.

The masses, little by little, seem to be rejecting the notion that the famous, fatuous and filthy rich are entitled to special treatment by mere dint of their having garnered their fifteen minutes before the public.

Not only are the peons attending "tea parties", but I've heard from reliable sources that the majority of those who post on Huffington Post are not falling into rows behind their Hollywood Elitist leaders as it comes to child-rapist justice-dodging filmmaker Roman Polanski, either. Members of the French government may have come out in support of him, but they're hearing a whole lot of angry, disgusted feedback from the general French populace. The masses seem to think that drugging and sodomizing a thirteen-year-old and then fleeing the country before justice can be served, then whining from his many palatial retreats about the hardships he has to suffer due to his flight from the law, are not the actions of a responsible adult citizen of this world, and supporting his actions because he's "a brilliant artist" is a bit, well, déclassé.

If they start figuring this out about a man with a camera and a nasty continued tendency to blame the victim, perhaps they'll start figuring this out about the rest of the corruptocrats and their enablers.

I think I might need to take up knitting.

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