Monday, December 08, 2008

The Monmouth Civic Orchestra is coming to town!

This year, the Monmouth Civic Orchestra will be sharing the stage not only with renowned baritone Lionel Marcoux, but also with the collective children's choirs of Immaculate Conception School of Monmouth (those would be the Immaculate Conception Children's Choir and the Immaculate Conception Youth Choir, both under the direction of Mrs. Alisa Ramer). The program this season is, naturally, a Christmas one, with quite a few of the old family standards, and, probably, a few pleasant surprises.

If you are in Monmouth, IL -- or the general vicinity -- this coming Saturday evening (13 December, 2008, at 7:00), please come join us in supporting the arts in our community. The concert is to be held at the First Lutheran Church, just across the street from Monmouth High School, in the 100 block of South "B" street.

Admission is, as always, free of charge. However, we do encourage those who enjoy the arts to give what they can to support them.

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