Saturday, November 08, 2008

Taking time to be politically imprudent

I know most folks have had it with politics for the season, and would prefer we let the topic lie for a few days more, at least (in fact, by and large, I'd prefer to leave the campaigning until, oh, October 2012). Still, I had a notion the other night, and decided I had to bring it up.

What if the tops of the two major-party tickets for 2012 were Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin? Can you imagine the fun those campaigns could have? -- and neither side would have an advantage on the sexism front. Plus, there'd be a whole lot more testosterone between them than there has been in any presidential campaign since manly-man-among-men Ronald Reagan.

I humbly submit that these two women have shown themselves to be patriots and shrewd politicans at the same time, something of a miracle in this day and age. They have both garnered my respect, and I would have no real difficulty voting for either one, in a pinch (although I admit I would have a faintly partisan preference). Plus, the majority of their supporters seem to be decent, honorable sorts, as opposed to the foamers and connivers spilt out from the Chicago Democrat machine taking control this January.

Dare I dream?

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