Saturday, November 15, 2008

Monmouth College will get no more support from me or my family

I used to recommend that my friends and their kin attend my alma mater. Not any more – not until they cease their annual invitation for a terrorist/radical to come lecture the freshman classes. This will be the third time Monmouth College has invited William Ayers, member of the Weather Underground, proponent of indoctrination over actual education, and general all-around middle-aged-adolescent creep, to come speak to its students. And worse, it is mandatory for freshmen to attend.

Once more, the sick, self-absorbed son of a sea cook is coming to spread his charming poison among the gullible youths, and the majority of the college faculty and admin seem to be in favor of not only having him come, but making the youngest, freshest minds "open themselves up" to his dangerous, extreme sales pitch! What the hell is wrong with the school I once held dear?

Conservative faculty members are still afraid to speak their minds, unless they are well and truly tenured. But twits like the one who embarrassed the college three years ago, during Mike Adams' visit, still hold sway over the court of youthful opinion, and hold sway with those who schedule such speakers. And her views have far from softened in the intervening years.

Until somebody sees fit to present a real balance of ideas, instead of loading up these kids with this sort of junk food for the brain, I will encourage parents to send their kids to other colleges, and ask alums and others to spend their largesse elsewhere. The anti-American socialists seem to rule, around MC (I understand it is not exclusive to this locale, but it needs to stop, and where better to make a stand than one of the alma maters of James Stockdale). Unless they truly believe we're heading into a Soviet- or Chinese-style system for the entire nation, that sort of "education" is a waste of money and time.

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