Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama's ad campaign: video spam

The One is spamming us.

Barack is planning to have a big half-hour ad on prime-time network television, and FOX has announced that the MLB has decided to postpone the game, if necessary, to accommodate the candidate's infomercial. I dunno about anybody else, but I'd rather watch the game, the New Adventures of Old Christine, or old Smurfs cartoons, for that matter.

He paid also to insert ads into a number of video games -- the sorts that cost a hundred dollars or more for, so why would we want to watch a commercial in the middle of it? Is there a way to blow up the video billboard for points? Can I kick the football through the offending advertisement scoreboard? I guarantee, if he were to show up in a game of Guitar Hero I was playing at my friend's house, I'd be smashing the guitar and lighting it on fire faster than you can say "Jimi."

I have had enough of political ads -- I'm tired of advertisements in general, but "my opponent is a liar and I'm here to save you from him" stuff is the worst of all. I've seen enough ads from all sides by the end of the previous fall to have me swearing off political discussions until after the elections.

I now officially hope Obama's spamming us backfires on him.

Post Scriptum: It would serve him right if McCain or the RNC bought a minute or two at the end of Obama's time, for "rebuttal," and showed film of Hoovervilles while talking about Obama's tax plans. How much would one minute during that time frame cost them?

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