Monday, October 20, 2008

Friday's Klips: Nothing to see here

Well, there's something. You just don't get to see it if you go through the usual sources. I'm still a little steamed by media coverage of this campaign (not that you'd guess it from this):

Ah, yes. The media think it's important that a private citizen's licence and tax status should be not merely viewed, but examined letter by letter for flaws. The media think it's important to expose Sarah Palin's attempts to have a drunken, child-tasering, abusive man be removed from the employ of the Alaska State Troopers until he can clean up his act (he is still a state trooper, by the way), and her suggestion that a man who had obstructed her administration in many ways might prefer a different government job, prompting him to quit and align himself with other political foes whose ambitions she had thwarted -- to the benefit of regular Alaskans. The media think it's important that we have a play-by-play of Palin family potty breaks and how much soap they use to wash afterwards. But nobody wants to talk about the tons of dirt under Obama's fingernails.
The rest is here. With linky goodness.

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