Saturday, September 27, 2008

Team Obama attempts assault on First Amendment

It's being reported that Obama's supporters are, once again, trying to silence the opposition. Independent fact-checkers have demonstrated there are no falsehoods in the NRA ad, and yet Obama's team are threatening libel cases and visits to the stations by the FCC and the SEC and anybody else in the alphabet soup they think they can throw at the people. Here's the ad they're trying to stifle:

And I say "once again," because they've gone after a radio show in Chicago -- twice -- and Barack himself has proclaimed that shows like Rush Limbaugh's and others where the host consistently disagrees with His O-liness should be restricted, or even banned from the airwaves out of respect for "fairness". Apparently, for Obamists, there is truth, and then there is Truth. Apparently, one must only disseminate Truth, or be branded a heretic and lose one's right to speak at all.

So much for respecting the Constitution. Does anybody think this sort of thing will change for the better if the man gets elected?

For that matter, Obama still owes an apology to Gianna Jessen and the Born Alive Truth folks, for calling them liars and trying to shut them down.

Which would indicate he owes the country an apology. But I'm not holding my breath.

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