Saturday, September 20, 2008


Just a little bit of respect for our troops, that's all any right-minded freedom-minded person expects of our government.

Apparently, that's too much to ask of the Democrats in Congress, this week.

According to the WSJ, Harry "All Is Lost" Reid and Carl Levin put their pointy little heads together to block a very simple "thank you" to the troops in Iraq:
Earlier this week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Armed Services Chairman Carl Levin teamed up to block a vote on a bipartisan resolution "recognizing the strategic success of the troop surge in Iraq" and thanking our men and women in uniform for their efforts.
Please note from above: Carl Levin is the Armed Services Chairman. So, for him -- and the rest of the Democrats, regardless of the responsibility of their positions -- partisanship comes ahead of respecting our men and women in uniform.

Why am I not surprised?


Anonymous said...

You may be missing the point, I believe the reason they did not want to support that resolution is because there has not been strategic success of the troop surge in Iraq. Please don't get me wrong though, I dislike the dems as much as the repubs.

leucanthemum b said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a situation in which the locals are actually no longer afraid of their own government and no longer tolerant of al Qaeda and its supporters in their midst a strategic success? Or, are increased freedom and safety not positive results in your world view? Is not the growing trust of the people of a former enemy nation a strategic success?

And, the least the dems could do is offer lip service to the troops. Nah, that's asking too much of them.