Monday, September 01, 2008

1 September Fortune Teller says

BIRTHSTONE –– Sapphire : Love
FLOWER –– Aster
COLOR –– Brown

Your birthday today:
You are extremely generous in thought and deed, kind, hearty and robust. You have much sentiment, and are loyal to your kindred. You sometimes speak abruptly but do not mean it unkindly. You are demonstrative and affectionate in your love, and will receive the same in return.
You are alone, today, as there is no name written into the pages for today. It is not meant unkindly, but if you wish to surround yourself with your kindred, perhaps you might throw a party and invite at least a few of these other birthday notables: William IV, Prince of Orange, Nicu Ceauşescu, Francis William Aston, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Carolyn Janice Cherry aka C. J. Cherryh, Gene Colan, Johann Pachelbel, Engelbert Humperdinck, Franz Biebl, Art Pepper, Conway Twitty, Greg Errico, Bruce Foxton, Gloria Estefan, Christian Nyby, Ron O'Neal, Edward Alleyn, Richard Arlen, Johnny Mack Brown, Richard Farnsworth, George Maharis, Don Stroud, Elvera Sanchez Davis, Yvonne De Carlo, Anne Ramsey, Lily Tomlin, Polly Shannon, James J. Corbett, Al Geiberger, Dave Lumley, Billy Blanks, Brian Bellows, Tim Hardaway, Jason Taylor, Aaron Schobel, Ryan Gomes, Ann W. Richards, Dr. Phil McGraw, Kenny Mayne, Mohammed Atta,
Lecil Travis Martin aka Boxcar Willie

and Barry Gibb.

You should be dancing and eating tons of cake.
Happy birthday!

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