Thursday, September 11, 2008

11 September Fortune Teller says

Your birthday today:
Conscientious and ambitious, you are thorough and capable in your work ; a good planner and competent in executing your plans. You have a keen mind, good judgment and are sincere and honest. You will be a loving mate and parent.
19 Shirley l. ZiMMerMAN and 1927 RoseMAry PAtchett might be good ones to ask, especially if you want to plan a gigantic birthday party inviting some of these other noted celebrants of the day : Minamoto no Yoriie, Ferdinand Marcos, Franz Ernst Neumann, Carl Zeiss, James Hopwood Jeans, James Thomson, Fitz Hugh Ludlow, William Sidney Porter aka O. Henry, David Herbert Lawrence, William Thomas Walsh, Jessica Mitford, Marianne von Werefkin, William Boyce, Friedrich Kuhlau, Oliver Jones, Lola Falana, Leo Kottke, John Martyn, Tommy Shaw, Victor Lemonte Wooten, Richard Melville "Moby" Hall, Harry Connick, Jr., Kay Hanley, Gidget Gein, Richard Paul Ashcroft, Christopher Bridges aka Ludacris, Jon Buckland, Brian de Palma, Tony Gilroy, Brad Bird, Pinto Colvig, Herbert Lom, Edwin Richfield, Ian Abercrombie, Felton Perry, Scott Patterson, Tyler Hoechlin Amy Madigan, Roxann Dawson, Anne Ramsay, Virginia Madsen, Elizabeth Daily, Kristy McNichol, Laura Wright, Paul "Bear" Bryant, Tom Landry, Eddie Miksis, Bill Whittington, Ellis Burks, Ed Reed, Frank Francisco, Mike Comrie, Jacoby Ellsbury, Shaun Livingston, Dwayne Jarrett, Julian Byng, Philipp Bouhler, William Luther Pierce, Don Blakeslee, Daniel Akaka, Hans-Ulrich Wehler, Robert Crippen, Markos Moulitsas Zuniga,
James Houston "Jimmie" Davis

and Mickey Hart.

We're grateful we're still alive, especially today. Have some cake.
Happy birthday!

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