Wednesday, September 10, 2008

10 September Fortune Teller says

Your birthday today:
You are uncommunicative and do not like to be questioned about your own or the affairs of anyone else. You are am-bitious and resourceful, impulsive and emotional and are guided by your intuition. You love your home and family and are capable of a deep and fervent love.
Don't try to communicate with 1927 Dorothy Sestedt, or with Margie McCullough, as they do not like to be questioned, either. Instead, apply your ambitions to having an impulsive sort of gathering, and invite a few of these noted celebrants to your joint birthday party : Pope Julius III, Maria Theresa of Spain, Alice Brown Davis, Charles Collett, Arthur Compton, Waldo Semon, Waldo Wedel, Stephen Jay Gould, Gunpei Yokoi, Charles Peirce, Walter Martin, Hannah Webster Foster, Hilda Doolittle, Franz Werfel, Mary Oliver, Neale Donald Walsch, Nicholas Lanier (baptism date), Henry Purcell, Niccolò Jommelli, Christopher Hogwood, Danny Hutton, Sir Thomas Allen, Don Powell, Joe Perry, Johnny Hickman, Siobhan Fahey, David Lowery, Robin Goodridge, Michael "Mikey" Way, Robert Wise, Chris Columbus, Guy Ritchie, Edmond O'Brien, Philip Baker Hall, Daniel Truhitte, Peter Nelson, Colin Firth, Johnathon Schaech, James Duval, Ryan Phillippe, Bessie Love, Judy Geeson, Amy Irving, Kate Burton, Ted Kluszewski, Arnold Palmer, Roger Maris, Jim Hines, Bob Lanier, Charlie Waters, Randy "The Big Unit" Johnson, Joe Nieuwendyk, Ben Wallace, Sammy Knight, Joseph Wheeler, Adele Astaire, Alva R. Fitch, Rin-Tin-Tin, Fabio Taglioni, Charles Kuralt, Karl Lagerfeld, Margaret Trudeau, Bill O'Reilly, John E. Sununu,
Raymond Scott

and Jose Feliciano.

We lit your candles. Now, blow them out and make a wish.
Happy birthday!

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